Flute Bag | Clay & Coral

Flute Bag | Clay & Coral

PriceFrom $19.00

These bags are made to order. Just add the requested length and width of your bag below.

Beautiful handmade flute bag! This fabric features a brilliant clay and coral colored southwestern design. The fabric is a reversible soft woven acrylic. Choose which you would like to be on the exterior -- a primary color of red/gold or black/gold. In the first photo, the red/gold color is on the top and the black/gold color is on the bottom.


You have the option to add a mid-weight fleece lining that will double the thickness of the bag and give your flute extra protection.


These bags are made to order and can be any length from 8 inches to 30 inches and any width from 2 inches to 8 inches.


**We recommend requesting a bag with a length that is approx 2" longer than your flute and a little wider than you think you will need.**