Professional vs. Student Models

Professional Models

All flutes sold on our website are professional quality.  We'd recommend these for most players.  Our professional quality instruments are of the highest quality, made individually with extra attention to every detail, from preparation to tuning to finishing.  Each instrument is tuned to a concert A=440Hz and plays comfortably through their entire range, depending on the instrument.  For a Major Scale Flute, this means the a 2-3 octave range.  For other types of flutes like the Meditation Flute, the range is 1 1/2 octaves.

Student Models

We offer student model flutes through our Etsy storefront.  These are sold on an "as available" basis. Student models are often close to professional quality, but will have some discrepancy in pitch, usually some of the notes in the upper range.  Occasionally some notes in upper range may be unreachable.  These are excellent beginner instruments are tuned well in at least 1 octave.


From time to time, we also offer seconds through our Etsy storefront.  Seconds generally have some physical deficiencies and are priced appropriately.  For example, there may be a small crack in the bamboo.  We'll fix the cracks and these flutes will still play extremely well, but we can not guarantee their longevity.  They are also an excellent option for beginners or someone on a tight budget.

If you have any questions about which flute is right for you, don't hesitate to contact us at or (802) 343-9641.  We'd love to help.


For currently available student model flutes and seconds, please head over to our Etsy shop.