Instrument Care

Bamboo is an extremely strong material. It’s used to build homes, boats, and more. While it’s durable, proper care will ensure that your flute brings magical music into the world for years to come.

  • Avoid extreme temperature and humidity changes.  When traveling from one climate to another always keep your instrument in its bag; this helps slow down any temperature changes of the bamboo.  Bamboo can be sensitive to very cold weather / low humidity (don’t leave it in a car in winter).

  • Our flutes are tuned at room temperature.  Colder weather will cause your instrument to play a bit flat, so if it’s a little colder blow some warm breath through your instrument to bring the pitch up into tune.

  • You can oil the inside & outside every few months using a high quality oil.  Avocado oil and walnut oil work well.  To oil the inside, tie a cloth around a dowel or rod and push it into your instrument gently.