Choosing a Flute

If you’re wondering what type of flute to get, here are some basic guidelines. Above all else, we recommend selecting the flute that calls to you most. Close your eyes and listen to the sound. If it captures your heart -- follow it.

The Andean Quena & Andean Quenacho


Quenas and Quenachos are traditional flutes of the Andean regions of South America. The Quena is the most traditional, tuned in G major. Quenacho means ‘big Quena’ and is a deeper version of the Quena.


The Quena and Quenacho have the ability to soar majestically, carrying with them the voice of an entire culture, an entire region, and of the land itself. Each plays a major scale in two full octaves.


The Quena and Quenacho are end-blown flutes, and the mouthpiece is a notch. They require a special embouchure (mouth shape) to play, so some practice will be needed. But, boy, is it rewarding. It’s the most versatile of all flutes, and its sound quality is bright and joyous.

Choose the Quena/Quenacho if you are called to its tradition, versatility, or bright tone. It’s also a great option if you want to play with other musicians.


The Native American Style Flute


With a distinct, sweet quality, the Native American Style flute is also the easiest type of flute to play, as it doesn’t require a special embouchure to produce its tone. This flute has a hauntingly beautiful sound; it’s as if the echoes of ancient mountains are calling through the notes. 


The Native American Style Flute plays in a minor pentatonic scale. Music flows with ease. Simply close your eyes, and allow the music to come forth. 

Select the Native American Style Flute if you are called to its tradition, unique sound, or ease of learning.


The Mystic 


The Mystic is a transverse flute with a deep, mellow voice; it’s perfect for inspiring profoundly meditative and relaxing states. The scale is one of a kind.

Transverse flutes require a specific embouchure to play but are somewhat easier to learn than a notch/end-blown flute like the Quena. It’ll take some practice to get a perfect tone, but most people can sound the flute with just a little practice.


Choose the Mystic Flute if you are called to its unique scale and propensity for meditative music.


The Zen Flute: Beginner’s Mind


The Zen Flute: Beginner’s Mind is tuned in a minor pentatonic scale -- which is used in cultural music around the world. This flute has a mysterious yet flowing sound that makes it easy to capture the moment. With four holes, it’s easier to play the deep, rich tones of a larger flute. It’s also a transverse flute, like the Mystic.


The Zen Flute: Beginner’s Mind was specifically designed as an entry-level flute, but it is truly a wonderful choice for any musician. The price point is lower, and the bag is optional in an effort to reduce costs.


Choose the Zen Minor Pentatonic Flute if you are looking for a flute with a deep tone or if you want to play with other musicians. Due to its simplicity and ease of learning, it also makes a great beginner flute.

And remember, every flute comes with a handmade flute bag to protect it from the elements (optional with The Zen Flute: Beginner’s Mind).