Walking through the vibrant cobblestone streets of Cusco was already awakening my energy.  And then I heard the call of the quena.  Around the corner sat a well weathered man in traditional garb, a massive smile that is atypical of the local people.  The quena howled through the streets, and into the mountains beyond...


After falling in love with the Andean Quena during my travels in Peru, the spirit of the flute continued to follow me on my journey home to the US. I was immediately connected with a master flutemaker, who just so happened to be looking for an apprentice.  And El Búho Flutes was born.


The name El Búho (the owl) pays homage to the connection to the mysterious that is inherent in music, as well as the connection I formed with the land and the people during my travels in South America. 

Now based in Vermont my bamboo flutes are handcrafted with the highest love and care. Bamboo has an exceptionally warm tone; its natural qualities align with the hum of the natural world. It's no wonder cultures around the world have been making bamboo flutes for thousands of years. No two pieces of bamboo are the same, and that’s what makes bamboo magical - every flute is truly unique. 

All flutes are professionally tuned, made with techniques that have been perfected by me and my mentor for a combined 40+ years.